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In 2015, I was sitting in my cubicle in Northwest Houston at the job I was working at the time. This was my first job out of college and to be honest, it sucked. During this time I was secretly design graphics for a streetwear brand I wanted to start. This streetwear brand. TRILLVILL.

TRILLVILL, or TRILLEST VILLAINS, was going to encapsulate what I loved about my city, the music and culture. Chopped and screwed music and Houston hip-hop went through a resurgence when I was in high school. Swishahouse took over the nation with a trio of rappers that would each have chart topping hits. Slim Thug’s Already Platinum became one of my favorite albums of all time because of the production by The Neptunes mixed with the classic Houston sound.

During this time, Chad “Pimp C” Butler was released from prison. This essentially reunited one of the greatest hip-hop duos of all time, UGK. By 2007, UGK was playing nationwide with their mega-hit “International Players Anthem” featuring Outkast. “Ridin’ Dirty” & “Super Tight” were two albums I would listen to daily in my iPod. The beats, Pimp’s rhyme schemes, Bun’s bravado - I was hooked on UGK's catalog.

Fast forward to 2015, with a pen in-hand I was sketching ideas and listening to one of UGK’s famous rap child, Drake. On a song called Scholarships, he rapped “I rock Kentucky Blue”. This line stuck with me. I didn’t care for Kentucky or their basketball team, but I did like the fact that their blue was very well known. So I pulled up their athletic UK logo and started sketching a new logo to represent the southern team that represented Houston.



The TRILLVILL UGK Logo was born. Since it debuted in March 2017, The UGK T-shirt has become one of our best sellers. Now in 2020, we are debuting a new take on the classic graphic with the UGK Crown T-shirt.


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Long Live Pimp. UGK 4 Life.

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